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Weatherman replicating Al Gore succeeds by failing

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  • I agree and submitted the same story earlier. Funny how the AGW crowd loves to cry about "proven" science but when it actually comes down to doing real science, they run from the room.
    I would not count on /. posting this. They are just biased that way. Just look back at how many articles have been posted that refute many of the AGW claims.
    • by drjzzz ( 150299 )

      scientists don't claim "proven" but rather (1) tested, (2) "not disproved", and (3) consistent with the theory.

      Simplified theory: There once was a carboniferous age that produced the large deposits of oil, coal, and other fossil fuels and changed the atmosphere from reducing to oxidizing. We are quickly reversing that long process. The giant buffer we call the ocean is turning acidic slowly but surely while glaciers are melting at a dramatic rate. Nearly all climate scientists agree that man is changing

      • This is Al Gore science so please allow me to append to your list: (4) "science is settled", (5) "thou shalt not challenge", and (6)"everything is consistent with the theory"

        I further challenge your claim that "Nearly all climate scientists agree that man is changing the climate and very quickly, far too quickly for plants and animals (including us) to adjust easily or at all " and "the ocean is turning acidic". Are you referencing the few scientists that delivered us the settled science?

        funny thi
        • by drjzzz ( 150299 )

          rather than attacking Al Gore (like he cares, and talk about "echo chamber"!), why not address the point? Oceans "turning acidic" is shorthand for the oceanic buffer becoming saturated, after which pH changes rapidly. And yes, it amounts to "settled science", to the extent such a thing exists. If you don't believe it, simply provide an alternative theory that accounts for, and predicts the consequences of (e.g., unprecedented retreat of glaciers, reduction in polar ice fields), rapid increases in atmosph

          • that accounts for, and predicts the consequences

            Funny you would say that given the fact that the agw models are a complete fail. Also, have you looked at the ice lately? Its growing. Worldwide temp? Getting colder. Acidification? Nope. Bad models, bad data, bad theory.

            But dont just take my word for it. One of your fellow warmists publicly slammed the data you base your claims on as JUNK. Here is a snippet. You should really read more about it and get more informed. The other rats are jumping the ship while your feasting on spoiled cheese.

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