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Submission + - Parking Garage to Become A Data Center ( 1

1sockchuck writes: A parking garage in Seattle will soon become a new data center. Colocation provider Equinix says it plans to house up to 1,000 cabinets of servers in the facility once the conversion is complete. The six-story garage is located next to the Westin Building, Seattle's primary Internet connectivity hub. A similar carpark-to-server farm conversion has been contemplated in Chicago.
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Parking Garage to Become A Data Center

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  • This is a common conversion. did it to 8100 Boone (the original MAE-East) a decade and change ago.

    A server cabinet can weigh a ton and lead-acid batteries (emphasis on lead) for UPS systems weigh even more. Parking garages are one of the few structures built to handle that much weight per square foot... a normal floor in a midrise or skyrise building can't.

    Conveniently, data centers have relatively few staff per square foot, so the loss of parking doesn't hurt so bad.

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