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MojoKid writes: "The Windows Task Manager has historically been a vital (if boring) workhorse in an OS not generally described with adjectives like "sexy." Windows 8 has set out to change that, and the preliminary information available suggests the new task manager is a significant advancement over the old. Microsoft's research indicates that the most common actions performed in Task Manager relate to ending programs/processes. The new TM can categorize threads depending on whether they're foreground or background processes and then color codes column data to allow users to read pertinent information at a glance, rather than trying to manually resort the information by column. Applications are also now described by function rather than strictly by executable name."
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Windows 8 Task Manager An impressive Update

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  • M$ might be slowly learning that some areas of product development will go farther in enhancing the user experience than others. The areas of the windows OS that needed the updates and upgrades haven't traditionally been the interfaces or their user experience on start up. Its the nuts and bolts of the product that are finally getting the attention they deserve. Things like TM and control interfaces like Msconfig or their service manager don't play a role in the day to day usage of their product -for most,

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