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Submission + - eBay now requires credit card - PayPal doesn't wor

Dr.Zap writes: Due to an acknowledged error Paypal accounts are not properly recognized on eBay for reimbursements. This means that now you are REQUIRED to file a credit or debit card in order to sell on eBay, until at least Nov 1 and possibly until mid Nov. According to eBay there is some sort of problem with the new system recognizing PayPal accounts. eBays solution? They say it may be fixed sometime between Nov. 1 and mid Nov. eBay customer service is unaware of this. It took 4 reps a total of an hour to figure out what the problem was even though they said it has been going on for several days already. They said the problem is undocumented and they have no intention of warning sellers of the issue. The only workaround is to enter your credit/debit card or wait 2-6 weeks for the fix.

This problem seems to be a result of a recent policy changes and the web application programming that supports those changes. What bothers me most is that eBays solution is to make thier problem their users problem. Personally I feel a fair solution is a temproary rollback of the policy until they can correctly implement it, instead of implementing an undocumented workaround that could harm users.
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eBay now requires credit card - PayPal doesn't wor

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