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Submission + - Crowd Sourced Test Film About Fictional Short Trac (

jtc.carr writes: Over the past year, a group of actors, filmmakers, musicians, and speedskaters have been collaborating on a movie concept to present to Amazon Studios, the same people who brought you

The story is about a brash speedskater who is challenged by returning to competition if he trains a high-functioning autistic struggling to get into an Olympic short track speedskating program.

The fruits of their effort, considered a "test film" can be watched at:

A trailer can be seen at the same location. The purpose of a test film is to give an audience the feel of the story and allow potential producers to have a visual reference to make decisions on what more can be done to make it a better feature film. Many groups within the Amazon Studios community have test films already constructed or are in production.

What makes this story unique is the action scenes use helmet cams (VIO POV 1.5) on speedskaters to capture races from their perspective.

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Crowd Sourced Test Film About Fictional Short Trac

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