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Submission + - US assassinates it own citizens with no due proces ( 5

mutherhacker writes: Science fiction novelist and technology activist Cory Doctorow blogs about the recent U.S. government assassination of Anwar al-Awlaki, a U.S. citizen, without any due process (no chance to face his accusations in a court of law), a clear violation of the 5th amendment. To top it all, U.S. citizens cheered the assassination of their fellow citizen. First Bin Laden, now al-Awlaki, next? CmdrTaco is my guess.More details.
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US assassinates it own citizens with no due proces

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  • Normal criminal law doesn't apply on the battlefield, especially a foreign battlefield. The Law of Armed Conflict does. Al-Awlaki was an active combatant for the enemy and was killed as one. Had he thrown up his hands and surrendered, he'd have been eligible for due process under criminal law.

    • What battlefield? They blew him to smithereens in his home, in another country for that matter. What gives the U.S. the right to go to foreign countries and blow people up? LoL

      • You should really google "Law of Armed Conflict" and start reading. You may disagree with it, but it's not particularly ambiguous in its answer to your question.

        It's precisely because he was in another country that they could legally go kill him. Had he been on U.S. soil as a U.S. citizen, the law would have required him to be treated as an armed and dangerous accused criminal. Because he was orchestrating attacks from a foreign country and doing so without the backing of any country he was classified an "u

        • LoL. It's amazing to what length people will go to rationalize the evil actions of their government. You can call it what you want, but in the end it's just cold blooded murder.

          Why are you defending your government anyway? Are you a patriot? If you ARE patriot then you should be holding your government to the highest moral standards, not defending it's mischief.


  • This assassination happened on foreign soil. I'm not mentioning this to excuse their actions. On the contrary. I think it's an excellent example of the double standards of international conflict: apparently American lives are priceless, regardless of the legitimacy of their dissent. Foreign lives are often worthless, even if they agree (to some degree) with American politics.

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