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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: RSS app which can fetch specific enc 1

Snaller writes: I wonder if some of the Slashdot readers can suggest a PC application which can download specific enclosures from RSS feeds, presumably based on some sort of pattern matching.

The problem is some RSS feeds have several different media enclosures for each individual item. And no RSS readers seem to work with that, the readers I've found just automatically pick the first enclosure, which is not necessarily what you'd want.

As an example consider this:

This RSS feed contains 10 differently encoded podcasts for each individual episode (different bitrate and resolution), but all RSS readers I've found just picks the first one (with the 640x368 resolution).
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Ask Slashdot: RSS app which can fetch specific enc

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  • I don't use RSS readers much, typically relying upon either thunderbird or firefox. One task I had required writing one myself.

    This shouldn't be too hard to implement as a greasemonkey script or else a simple shell script. Download the feed file, write a simple regex, then download (or assemble in html) the matching links. Reply here if you need more help.

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