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Trailrunner7 writes: InMotion, a large hosting provider based in California, was compromised in recent days and the attackers were able to replace the index files of thousands of sites, defacing them and in some cases making it difficult for site owners to recover and reload their sites.

The attack occurred on Sunday and the company posted a notice on its site about the incident, but many users posting on the company's forums complained that they were never notified about the attack by InMotion. Some of them said that they only learned that their sites had been defaced when a customer or other third party informed them about it.

Some of the customers posting on the InMotion support forum said that when they connected to their sites while they were displaying the defaced page, they were getting alerts from their antimalware programs about a JavaScript-based piece of malware.

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InMotion Hosting Hacked, 700,000 Sites Affected

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