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Submission + - Should Apple Kill the iPod? (theglobeandmail.com) 3

mykepredko writes: Back in 2006, Apple was riding high on the success of its iPod. The gadget accounted for more than 50% of Apple's first-quarter revenue that year as a digital music revolution was in full swing. Now the iconic iPod is an afterthought, bringing in a mere 8% of Apple revenue – and falling fast as other gadgets take over the digital jukebox role on top of many other functions.

The article implies that the iPod is a dying part of the business — I would have liked to see revenues for the iPod from 2006 to today to see if it really is a "dying" line but the question is valid — should Apple drop the iPod and concentrate on the Mac, iPad and iPhone lines?

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Should Apple Kill the iPod?

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  • No. Even at a mere 8% of their revenue it's worth billions per year.
  • From everything I understand they still use the iPods as test beds for tech that makes it into the iPhone, that adds a lot of value for Apple beyond simple sales figures.

  • It's a terrible phone -- lousy reception, marginal voice quality, can't change the battery like almost every other phone, uses a cut SIM card [yeah, I have a SIM cutter, but that's only to put two or more providers on a SIM card], GSM phone that can't roam affordably outside the US [i.e. locked], missing essential frequencies for data roaming, has video calling only between iPhones [I've had video calling for over 3 years and can call anyone with a camera phone]. And it's GLASS. Hey, Apple, even Gorilla gla

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