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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Duke Nukem Unleashed, what gameplay? writes: The long awaited Duke Nukem Forever, the king of the vaporware, was — at last — finished this year. During those years I noticed that the Duke has many followers here on /.

This is why I ask the crowd:
What would you have liked to get instead of this disappointing game?
Or what the next Duke Nukem should be like ?

It seems everyone agrees with games reviews: they took out the fun that DN3D once had.

Obviously we want back:
maps free to explore, no more lame disneyland path to follow like a track.
10 weapons to carry (not counting fists and boots), quick change by keyboard (PC gamers), because choosing the perfect weapon for a job is fun.
fast Duke, not one that can't breath after a 10s sprint. And higher jumps also.

These are the minimum requirements.
And the paradox is that going back to this old gameplay would lead to a new kind of FPS among those we have today. Don't you think so?

Along with that I wonder if you have some other ideas.

Maybe the Ego thing is a good idea to keep, or some combination with life points ?

Interaction with the maps is poor in Duke Nukem Forever, it could be improved with the next Duke Nukem, but I know it is quite some work for developer teams. I think it doesn't matter if you can't destroy walls, doors, and furniture; but some new unusual and innovative map and object interactions should be worked out for the fun and the gameplay.

Then, humor and story are more a matter of taste.
I would suggest a worldwide contest to send new jokes, they will be kept secret unless discarded by some kind of small team of dedicated fans.
Collaborate to build a new story without telling the whole picture or all the details to gamers: do you have any experience in such participation?

Also: dying. Duke should die with more class. Bloody broken glasses aren't enough. Different kinds of death, maybe from another point of view, not with Duke's eyes.
By the way, are the other camera angles gone?

One last question:
How could we call the next Duke Nukem adventure ?
I suggest Duke Nukem Unleashed.
(by contrast to Duke Nukem Forever, very restrained)

I hope someone will be able to push those requirements and your answers to an editor, so the Duke that we like can come back... when finished !
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Ask Slashdot: Duke Nukem Unleashed, what gameplay?

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