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Submission + - Video of mystery crashed bird shaped drone (suasnews.com) 1

garymortimer writes: Can Slashdot readers identify the drone itself or the part in the screen grab? There might really be a bigger story in this if it is a new US drone.

The original story

We can’t find any other images of this UAS, if it is from America its unknown. It looks like it has had several repairs, most interesting is the number 140 on the tail. Perhaps indicating there are more than one of these about.

QUETTA, Pakistan — An American surveillance drone equipped with a camera crashed in southwestern Pakistan Thursday close to the Afghan border, local officials said, adding the wreckage had been recovered.

The unmanned aircraft went down because of a technical fault just inside Pakistani territory in Chaman town, in insurgency-hit Baluchistan province, but had caused no damage, a security official in the area told AFP.

“It was an American surveillance unmanned aerial vehicle. It crashed on this side of the border,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, adding the wreckage of the aircraft had been recovered.

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Video of mystery crashed bird shaped drone

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  • There is a photo on the linked blog post, I have a feeling its a military grade battery of some sort and I am sure somebody here will recognise it. Added to the number on the tail and markings all over the place, the drone is looking less like something made in a barn and more like something in service.

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