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Submission + - Blackberry Bold 9900 Gets Video Teardown (

An anonymous reader writes: Blackberry Bold 9900 Gets Video Teardown
Even though the Blackberry Bold is still a few weeks away from getting its release in the USA the guys at got their hands on one and jumped right into tearing it down on video. DirectFix let us know that they have posted their own eight and a half minute teardown and screen repair video for the Blackberry Bold 9900 and its quite fun to watch. Instead of simply seeing the guts of the Bold 9900 this video actually shows the steps needed to disassemble and reassemble the phone. The video shows you how to replace the LCD screen, motherboard and other parts on the 9900. They do note that the Bold is one of the easier Blackberry units that they have taken apart recently. If you are brave and wish to try this when you get your Bold 9900 this video should help you out. Let us know if you actually dare to try it! Blackberry Bold 9900 Teardown Youtube Video:

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Blackberry Bold 9900 Gets Video Teardown

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