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Submission + - Private planes, private no more (chicagotribune.com) 3

chill writes: The Department of Transportation, which used to allow anyone with a private plane to choose not to have their flight plans made available for public consumption, has decided to eliminate that option. So if you want to snoop into someone else's travel itinerary, you can do it. [Note: The filing of general aviation flight plans with air traffic control is strictly voluntary, but strongly encouraged. Their primary use is if the pilot doesn't arrive within an hour of schedule, where to start looking for the wreckage.]
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Private planes, private no more

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  • It's half an hour, not an hour! Half an hour after ETA, if flight plan is not closed or amended, search procedures begin (starting with a call to the destination airport, and branching out to neighboring airports, and ending with full-on search and rescue missions.
    • by chill ( 34294 )

      Ack! Thanks. Stupid fscking FAA Written Exam questions! One of the questions was about how long you could stop at an intermediate airport in a multi-stop trip before having to file a flight plan change and notify ATC. The correct answer is "not more than 1 hour".

      I swear to God, the people at the FAA who wrote half of those questions were drunk when they did it.

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