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An anonymous reader writes: Dear Slashdot,

I want to present for your consideration newly-made-in-London start-up The service is very exclusive, as such set of link bundling features were not offered before.

Why would one need

Have you ever needed to tweet 10 links at Twitter at once?

Have you ever feared posting 10 links on some forum and then being flagged as a "spammer"?

Have you ever wanted to open all references mentioned in some article without clicking on each of them?

With you can bundle many links into one (with many jingly shortening possibilities) and then share the compilation with your readers.

One single click then will open it all. For instance have a look on the bunch of your selected sites:

If you run your site on Wordpress (the high chances are you do), there is even a plugin that will do the bundling for all references in each separated post / page automatically:

Analytics, domain mapping, even blogs — all is included, for free.

I am curious to learn about your drive over and if you like it of course few lines about this service.

With best regards,

Mark Kychma

Founder of

P.S. Some answers to questions you may have: (Q) How does work? (A) It embeds links into frames and loads them instantly. (Q) What if some sites do not work in frames? knows about most sites we tested it on (currently more than 10 thousands), and either embeds using special widgets (Facebook, G+, Twitter, YouTube...), or does not embed them, yet, still provides the links in the menus, so that one can click in the table of contents on "open all in separate browser tabs".

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