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Submission + - Recommeded Serial Port Servers? (

lukej writes: Over a year ago the fate of Serial was debated . At my work, within our small data center, we have the usual collection of misc IT gear (Cisco, SANs, SUNs, etc) that ALL still have serial ports, and that leads me to believe Serial is here to stay. So, what do those of you in the professional IT field recommend when it comes to networked serial port servers (or aggregators)? . Personally, I'm partial to the few old Digi Portservers we have for functionality (but haven't tried other vendors). However, I have a hard time overcoming the price-per-port costs for this obviously 'simple' protocol and hardware, or justify hanging a serial port server in every rack. Is there a cheaper solution, and if not what is the best commercial product available?
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Recommeded Serial Port Servers?

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