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Submission + - Rights to Songs Possibly Shifting in 2013 ( 1

wduffee writes: According to this NYTimes article discussion Springsteen, Billy Joel and more, a "a little-noted provision in United States copyright law, those artists — and thousands more — now have the right to reclaim ownership of their recordings"

The labels are preparing to fight this and it should be an interesting test of how much money they are willing to spend to change long-existing laws.

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Rights to Songs Possibly Shifting in 2013

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  • So now how is the copyright system not broken?
    With professional photography, you never (ok, there are some exceptions, like work for hire, etc) give total ownership of your work. you sell specific rights, ie the right to publish the image in a magazine, or the right to use it for a poster...
    Why can't musicians do something similar? Sell the right to market the song, but retain ownership.

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