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tekgoblin writes: "This has been an issue that has bothered me for quite some time, but I have stayed quiet about my frustrations as far as writing for TekGoblin goes while complaining to my friends, and even to AppleCare. Many people that have an iPad 2 have been discussing on Apple’s forums for a long time now about their troubles with light leak issues on their iPad 2 screens. I myself experienced this with two units. The first iPad 2 I purchased had severe light leaks in each of the four corners and slightly less noticeable light leaks on the sides. This is the reason for the exchange that I mentioned in my GelaSkins review, resulting in me taking my GelaSkin off of my first iPad 2 and adhering it to the new one with substantial success. However what I failed to mention in that article is that once I got home with my new iPad 2 unit, I discovered that it, too, had light leaks. Less severe than the first unit, but still, for a product that costs nearly a thousand dollars, I expect perfection."
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Apple Finally Acknowledges Bad iPad 2 Displays

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