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Submission + - Addicted to IT: Quitting Is Not An Option (infoworld.com) 1

snydeq writes: "Deep End's Paul Venezia has a confession to make: He's addicted to IT. 'During the decades I've spent in the deepest corridors of system and network architecture, I used to wonder how anyone could do anything else. This field has it all: intrigue, mystery, and constant problem solving. ... The other side of that is all the hours spent in windowless data centers, the frustration when things aren't going right, and the pressure to find a solution to an emergent problem as soon as humanly possible, driven by people who have no idea of the complexity of the task,' Venezia writes. 'As exhausting as it can be, it provides rich mental rewards if done right, and to many that's as addictive as heroin. I've had this addiction for so long, I'm way past therapy or treatment. I'm a lifer.'"
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Addicted to IT: Quitting Is Not An Option

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