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Submission + - SPAM: How losing a brother may save other lives 2

joaommp writes: "The event that took my brother's life inspired me to come up with some sort of gadget to prevent any more lives from being lost. So, I figured that a low power device monitoring life-signs, transmitting a continuous ping to a central server, could eventually provide enough warning to prevent others from suffering the same fate my dear brother suffered. I also immediately noticed a bunch of possibilities to extend the functionality of the device and make the idea usable for many more situations like monitoring people in healthcare facilities such as nursing homes and hospitals, giving them more freedom, and keeping track of kids in amusement parks to help prevent accidents and kidnappings. I turned to my team at the non-profit I'm involved with and we agreed the project had merit and could go forward. Now I'm left with the difficult task of gathering the funds necessary to start the development of this system. So I turn to you all, slashdotters, for opinions, constructive criticism, advice and, if possible, that you contribute with work or donations to make this initiative flourish."
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How losing a brother may save other lives

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  • Why has this been marked as spam? I took the time to RTFA and it seems a very valid and interesting project to me. It is a very interesting open project.
    • by joaommp ( 685612 )

      I have no idea why someone decided this was spam. Obviously they didn't do what you did (RTFA). However, this is slashdot, so I'm not surprised.

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