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An anonymous reader writes: The recently introduced Digital Economy Act ended the legal right to presumption of innocence for citizens of the UK. Under the new legislation, a rightsholder will inform an ISP that a particular IP address is suspected of filesharing. After three such notifications for a given customer, the ISP is required to suspend the user's internet connection. Ultimately, the person is found guilty and punished without fair trial or evidence. LibertyHero, a new high-tech start-up has released a service to counterbalance this ill-conceived law.

LibertyHero provide free software to ensure that users are kept anonymous and secure. Once installed, each packet of information leaving the computer is encrypted using military-grade cryptography before being forwarded to a LibertyHero proxy server. The proxy server then passes the data to the correct destination with the original source of the traffic becoming untraceable.

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LibertyHero neutralises Digital Economy Act

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