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chandiish writes: "BlueShield understands the potential of Disasters and Risks associated with a Business. Our Team of Qualified Technicians and Engineers had implemented customized Disaster Recovery Strategy in many Organisations to help them running their business with peace of mind. BlueShield Disaster Recovery Management Consulting Services are designed to effectively cover a wide range of Risk and Problems that your Organisation might be facing. Our Consulting Team works in conjunction with your Technical Team and ICT environment to formulate Strategy to maximize uptime, helping in reaching the Business Goals. BlueShield Technology can help you in following ways:

Asses and Review your existing Risk Analysis
Asses you Review existing Business Continuity Plan
Assess your ICT Infrastructure & Assets
Assess your Business Requirements
Asses your complex Network Requirement and Dependency
Recommendations on Infrastructure Assessments
Plan and Assist in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Processes
Assess and Review existing Backup Technology
When we source your IT equipment, We’re there.

We source the right technology (no matter where it comes from) for your business needs. As a vendor-independent company, we serve no master other than our customers – and have no higher priority than our customer’s needs.

When you build your IT environment, We’re there.

We bring one of Australia’s best teams of engineers and business IT specialists to the job of designing and delivering IT systems that help you maximize your business strengths.

Service and Support, We’re there.

We can look after your technology on your premises (no matter how remote) or at our own tech centre. And, from our Network Operations Centre, we can constantly monitor the health of your systems – and stop troubles before you even become aware of them.

When we look to the future, We’re there.

Our commitment to Research and Development means that a better IT future for Australian business is being developed by BlueShield today. This means that you are always kept up-to-date on the very latest developments in IT throughout the world."

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