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Submission + - A closer look at AMD's Fusion chipset, motherboard (

crookedvulture writes: AMD's Llano APU is an impressive feat of CPU-and-GPU integration, and it requires new motherboards with FM1 sockets. Most of those boards will be based on Llano's companion A75 chip, which is the first platform hub to offer native USB 3.0 support. The A75 complements its SuperSpeed USB ports with a 6Gbps SATA controller and a handful of second-gen PCI Express lanes, ensuring that even budget motherboards have a robust base feature set. This review takes a closer look at the chipset, the performance of its integrated peripherals, and a trio of affordable motherboards from all the big names. Recommended reading for anyone considering putting Llano in their desktop or home-theater PC.
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A closer look at AMD's Fusion chipset, motherboard

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