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mcgrew writes: Slashdot was giving a 503 everywhere for the last couple hours, whether trying to reach the front page, my journal, or messages. Someone on my friends list had posted a journal saying that using https rather than http fixed the problem, but it didn't work this tome.

When it came back up there were two new front page stories with no comments.

Power outage maybe? I remember reading that slashdot moved its servers to Chicago, and parts of that city (sadly serviced badly by Amerin) have been without power for a week since some storms rolled through. Backup power ran out of gas? Router melted? Someone linked slashdot from slashdot and slashdotted slashdot? I'm curious.

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Ask slashdot: WTF happened?

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  • Unfortunately, we can't blame this one on mother nature. We were rolling out some layout changes and the database server pitched a fit. Everything's been reverted for now, and things should work. We'll probably wait until monday to redeploy, without the breakage.

    Apologies for the inconvenience.

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