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Submission + - Eve Online and $60 microtransactions? (evenews24.com) 2

BeanBagKing writes: CCP Games, who develops the popular MMO Eve Online seems to have stirred several hornets nests at once during a major expansion. First was their idea of micro transactions, on item costing $60 by itself. Second was a leaked memo (linked below) detailing future plans for more micro transactions, ones that would give players a clear advantage. This has players on the forums outraged, there is even a forum post dedicated to articles from gaming magazines, sites, and blogs that show CCP in a bad light.


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Eve Online and $60 microtransactions?

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  • I had 48 accounts in my thread regarding cancels over these and a few more issues not mentioned in the 2 main ones. Namely the dev response was over the rage "it's all in the eye of the beholder" (regarding the $80 monacle)

    Doesn't CCP realize there are OTHER games available to spend our money on?

    • But can't you see they gave everyone MONOCLES! What other game has $80 MONOCLES?!?!? Seriously though, i love EVE, i've been playing since 2008. I'm seriously on the brink of hitting unsub...if it weren't for the slight bit of hope that CCP will redeem themselves, i would have quit after how they didn't listen to the playerbase on the 0.0 anom nerf.

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