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Submission + - Rock Around the 10,000 Year Clock 1

theodp writes: If your invitation to the Billionaires' Dinner got lost in the mail, consider yourself lucky. Get a few beers in you, and the next thing you know, Danny Hillis is convincing you to pony up your hard-earned cash for some crazy project of his. Like building a 10,000 Year Clock. Of 'monumental scale.' Inside a mountain. In West Texas. Hours away from the nearest airport. Accessible via a rugged foot trail rising 2,000 ft. above the valley floor. Funded by and built on land owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (who's soliciting ideas for the clock's 10th anniversary), the project of the tax-exempt Long Now Foundation is now under construction in the Sierra Diablo Mountain Range. Hey, Aron Ralston would have given his right arm to have had one of these in Canyonlands National Park!
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Rock Around the 10,000 Year Clock

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