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develadmin writes: "Develissimo is an electronics platform targeting open source development. It started to be fully available on the web in 2011. So you see it is fresh as ice!

The aim of the project is to provide the community of open source enthusiasts (so are we) related to electronics development with a feature rich platform, to talk, ask questions, find help, discus projects and communicate.

Develissimo itself is fully open source driven. This comes up with a bunch of advantages concerning technology aspects such as security, stability, scalability, cost effectiveness and maintenance tools to provide the community with state of the art features supporting different kinds of electronics open source projects and protect everyones privacy on highly secure Linux servers. The platform uses different open source technologies such as Linux, Ubuntu, Python/Django, Apache2, PostgreSQL, and a lot more. Some of the projects can be viewed here:
Now 2011 electronics meets open source much closer and the approximation is still going.

Check it out, your welcome!
Develissimo 2011"

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Electronics Open Source Development Platform

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