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Submission + - NOAA seeks comments on scientific integrity policy (

sanzibar writes: NOAA’s draft scientific integrity policy is available for public review and comment until Aug. 15, 2011. The policy incorporates the principles of scientific integrity contained in guidance from the White House, and addresses how NOAA ensures quality science in its practices and policies and promotes a culture of transparency, integrity and ethical behavior.

NOAA’s draft policy:

        Lays out formal guidance with a “Code of Conduct”
        Creates the conditions for enabling first-rate science and guarding against attempts to undermine, discredit or change it
        States the key role of science in informing policy
        Encourages scientists to publish data and findings to advance science, their careers and NOAA’s reputation for reliable science
        Encourages NOAA scientists to be leaders in the scientific community
        Provides whistle-blower protection
        Applies to all NOAA employees and provides applicable policies for contractors and grantees who conduct, supervise, assess and/or interpret scientific information for the use of NOAA, the Department of Commerce and the nation
        Includes a training component.

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NOAA seeks comments on scientific integrity policy

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