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Submission + - Facebook Prepares for release of iPad App (techplz.com)

An anonymous reader writes: News is spreading quickly around the web that Facebook is preparing to release an official iPad app.

According to the New York Times, unnamed sources have reported that Facebook will be releasing the iPad app in coming weeks. The new app will be free for users and has been crafted to work specially with the iPad.

The release of the iPad app is significantly delayed compared with the release of the iPhone Facebook app. The iPhone version was available upon the opening of the Apple App Store back in 2008.

The app will reportedly allow users to snap pictures using the iPad’s camera. Facebook users will also be able to upload pictures and videos directly from the tablet device. The same report also noted that the production of the iPad Facebook app has taken about a year. The app is now apparently in its final testing stages before the major release.

The new app could certainly benefit both Facebook and Apple. Facebook recently announced that the social network is nearing 700 million global users. A propitious Facebook app for the iPad could sway customers from purchasing Google’s Android tablets. The new iPad app could benefit Facebook by increasing user interaction on the social network. Apple announced earlier this month that the company had reached a new milestone with 25 million iPads sold.

Increased pageviews on Facebook would fundamentally amplify the social networks revenue through advertisements.

There are reportedly plans to improve Facebook’s normal web-browsing functionality on the iPad. The improvement are not meant to directly compete with the new app, but rather to improve user-experience all around.

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Facebook Prepares for release of iPad App

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