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Submission + - Hospital Turns To Palm Reading To ID Patients (

CWmike writes: "NYU Langone Medical Center said it is the first hospital in the Northeast to use a biometric infrared scanning system that converts a digital palm image into a unique patient ID. The technology, called PatientSecure, is a biometric reader that uses an infrared light to map an image of the blood-flow pattern through the veins in a person's palm. That digital image is then converted into a unique patient ID that can be used with the medical center's electronic health record (EHR) system.
The technology has been deployed at about 10 other U.S. hospitals. More than 8,000 patients Langone patients have agreed to use PatientSecure. 'Vein patterns are 100 times more unique than fingerprints,' said Dr. Bernard A. Birnbaum, senior vice president of hospital operations at NYU Langone. 'It not only protects privacy and enhances quality, but will transform the patient experience.' Research shows that patient identification errors are not uncommon, and the failure to correctly identify a patient can result in serious treatment errors."

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Hospital Turns To Palm Reading To ID Patients

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