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Submission + - Application to Talk to Junk Callers 1

An anonymous reader writes: As yet another untraceable junk call disrupted my activities, I realized a need for an voice enabled AI program to occupy the callers as long as possible. Nothing else gets them to remove my name from the junk call lists. I am thinking of something along the lines of "the doctor" with a voice front end. Any suggestions??
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Application to Talk to Junk Callers

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  • Blueprints here []

    On a serious note, your best bet may be to record a set of a number of phrases (open-ended questions!), use some standard audio library to detect silence, and select a response. If you wanted to get fancy, put an evolutionary algorithm in- select the set of "random" responses that causes the person to stay on the line the longest!

    The main point is that you could turn this annoyance into some real fun, as many have [].

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