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Submission + - GNOME Shell Ruins Linux Gaming Performance ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: A set of benchmarks across GeForce and Radeon graphics with the open and closed source Linux drivers was done under the different Linux desktops and compositing window managers. The benchmark results show that the open drivers can be quite buggy with the new GNOME Shell and even Compiz, but it shows clearly that the GNOME 3.0 Shell will slow down the system more than GNOME2 w/ Metacity, GNOME 2 w/ Compiz, KDE w/ KWin, and Ubuntu's Unity w/ Compiz.
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GNOME Shell Ruins Linux Gaming Performance

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  • Bloody hell I hate Gnome 3. A page full of dependencies, obligatory pulseaudio, that menu that looks like it was borrowed from Ubuntu netbook remix, missing maximise, minimise buttons, obscene amounts of wasted space, gdm buggered about, and now this. They've taken a slick, well designed desktop environment in Gnome 2 and turned it into a monster.

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