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Submission + - Partial Panel Panic

countertrolling writes: A normal part of every pilot's training consists of 'flying under the hood', where a hood that looks like a way oversized ball cap is placed on your head so that all you can see is the instrument panel. And during this phase, the instructor will cover up some of the instruments to simulate their failure.. However, under actual conditions, all this training seems for naught in the resulting loss of situational awareness, one of the single biggest causes of incidences of every kind, not just in the cockpit. So here we have the preliminary findings of Air France 447.. If this is true, I would consider it a major failure of the training process itself. It's time to make these guys sweat a little bit more in the simulators to burn this into their heads in a more permanent fashion, until they can learn how to fly with only the magnetic compass and a pencil hanging from the ceiling... and keep it together when the stewardess reports that the coffee maker is broken
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Partial Panel Panic

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