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Submission + - presidential Limo trapped on ramp (

icebike writes: The BBC has footage of the Presidential Limo being trapped on a steep ramp while exiting a gate at the US Embassy in Dublin. The odd part of the video, is that it seems to suggest that rather than simply dragging its belly, the car seemed to trigger some sort of protective action.
Rather than grating to a stop, as anyone who has high-centered a car remembers, the car stops abruptly and completly.
The front wheels collapsed into the wheel wells, to the point where the car with 6 to 8 inches of clearance between the road and car frame suddenly appears to have less than 3, and the back end jumps into the air and stays high. If the vehicle was high centered, the front wheels should be hanging down, as the weight would be born by the rear wheels and the belly of the car. Instead the front wheels remained collapsed into the wheel wells, and the security detail brings a bus in front of the car so as to cut off the camera view, and provide some protection.

The car appears later in the video seemingly moving under its own power.

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presidential Limo trapped on ramp

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