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angry tapir writes: "Nvidia has announced the Tesla M2090 graphics processor, which the company calls the world's fastest "parallel processor" for high-performance computing. The M2090 is a graphics processing unit that has 512 cores and is able to perform specific math and scientific calculations up to 30 percent faster than its predecessor, the Tesla M2070 GPU, which has 448 cores. The M2090 can deliver peak performance of around 1330 gigaflops, according to the company."
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Nvidia launches fastest "parallel processor"

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  • The popularity of these GPUs baffles me. They are hard to program and very limited in what they can do, not to mention the horrible transfers to main memory, yet because there is no other foreseeable technology coming in the next 5 years or so they are becoming the standard for massively parallel programming on a budget. Any university and its dog has GPU projects, with wild performance claims, usually measuring a code they spend years optimizing for the GPU against the original code running un-optimized on

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