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mustPushCart writes: Slashdot popular around the world with basement dwellers and secretively anti corporate white collars alike has not yet changed its design after its January 25, 2011 redesign broke hearts and browsers, bringing out its passive aggressive readership into active fist shaking before sending them back into its idle section. The design continues to remain broken on Chrome in addition to being slow, clunky and generally silently hated. Slashdot editors could not be reached for comment at the time of going to press
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Slashdot not fixed

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  • You haven't been here long, have you.

    [goes and checks the uid]

    Nope, not long at all.

    Check out []. It's a slightly behind version of what is running here. You'll see it's actually rather difficult to work with and modify. Changes are a project, and it's been like that for ... well ... since they started it.

    Really, once you understand how it all works, you can give more constructive criticism. Rather than complaining, you could find the error, and send up a bug fix.

    And no, I don't work for Slas

  • I tried switching back to the D1 style comment system.. I'd get 3-5 comments displayed per article with no way to display more. I had to switch back to the D2 system so I could at least have the "Get More Comments" button.

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