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Submission + - Sony PSN hack preceded by 200 Sony layoffs. (

Channard writes: As noted by Sony scene website PSX-Scene, the recent Playstation Network security breaches were preceded by layoffs of over 200 staff in Sony's Sony Online Entertainment subdivision. While that's not to say for certain the hack was an inside job, the website notes...

'Like all layoffs that are hard to swallow, this case was a big one, one 1/3 of the staff that worked in the ONLINE division, in all over 200 employees were given their sad "pink slip" 2 week notice, which means they had to work right up until the very dates that Sony had to shutdown the PSN network!

Even though some of these employees were in working in remote offices, they could have easy had whitelisted server access to the San Diego HQ to do their daily work, it just seems very strange that suddenly both networks go down after a massive layoff of KEY ONLINE SONY EMPLOYEES when they have to work knowing it is their last days on the job being a lowly paid slave to an evil corporation.'

It may just be co-incidence, but can you think of a better way to screw over a company that's just given you your notice?

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Sony PSN hack preceded by 200 Sony layoffs.

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