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Submission + - Do Mac OS X or Linux need anti-virus? ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: One of Australia's largest government technology buyers, the Tasmanian Department of Education, has gone to market for a security vendor to supply anti-virus software for its 40,000-odd desktop PCs and laptops, as well as servers. But the department's not just running Windows — it runs Mac OS X and Linux as well, and has requested that whatever solution it buys must be able to run on those platforms as well. But have we reached the stage were Mac OS X and Linux even need third-party security software? It seems like most Mac and Linux users don't run it. Thoughts?
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Do Mac OS X or Linux need anti-virus?

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  • Well, does a Mac or Linux require Anti Virus?

    Let me ask you a question, do you hand out your credit card number to anyone who asks? Of course you don't because you have some common sense and realise that some people would take that information and use it for malicious purposes. Mac's and Linux can be compromised, of course, there are not as often targeted as if you are going to write a virus/malware you will pick the most popular platform, but if you are a Mac/Linux user and you don't run AV or expect tha

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