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Submission + - Google's Secret Class System 4

theodp writes: Back in 2005, a Slashdot commenter pointed out some prior art for Microsoft's badge color-based 'caste' system — Nazi concentration camp badges. Now, Google is taking heat as a terminated Google contractor shines a spotlight on Google's badge color-based 'class' system. According to Andrew Norman Wilson, full-time Googlers sport White Badges, interns are given Green Badges, and contractors wear Red Badges. But what really intrigued Wilson — and ultimately cost him his job — were the ScanOps workers with Yellow Badges who toiled for Google Book Search in Building 3.1459. 'The workers wearing yellow badges,' writes Wilson, 'are not allowed any of the privileges that I was allowed — ride the Google bikes, take the Google luxury limo shuttles home, eat free gourmet Google meals, attend Authors@Google talks and receive free, signed copies of the author's books, or set foot anywhere else on campus except for the building they work in. They also are not given backpacks, mobile devices, thumb drives, or any chance for social interaction with any other Google employees. Most Google employees don’t know about the yellow badge class.' Time for someone to update the official Google Books History?
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Google's Secret Class System

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  • The gizmodo "article" pointed to is a list of "gadgets" which are mostly crap, and is certainly NOT at this time an article about "google's secret class system".

    What the hell is this, a troll??

  • Turns out that my browser wasnt loading the whole page, and that ads and links on the right were being displayed AS THE MAIN CONTENT.

    This is a newsworthy article, not a troll at all, and here I am with egg on my face. At least I have the guts to admit it and hereby retract my hasty comment. /. - read these articles!

  • Follow the "writes Wilson" link.

    So much for "do no evil". Very depressing, especially for those of us who thought Google was our savior from Apple who was our savior from Microsoft who was our savior from IBM who...

    • Interesting point. It turns out that both links work, but the Gizmodo one prioritizes the ads over the artice, and didn't load the 1st time.

      Regarding saviours, none of them past, present or future are that, just use what works and slag off what doesn't is my motto. I used to hate M$ but I love Win7, I generally hate on Apple because of their "one mouse button" attitude (but I like pinch-zoom), and IBM rock but I know and accept that they're evil...

      Oh and Google ranks the sites I make highly, so they're good

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