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Submission + - Paul Allen on the Dark Side of the Ocean and More

theodp writes: A week after his 60 Minutes appearance, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen lets his guard down a bit more as he talks about his new book 'Idea Man' at Town Hall Seattle to a hometown audience that included his old college girlfriend Rita (who served up chicken that Bill Gates found spoon-eating good). In a wide-ranging interview, Allen cops to being a fan of Star Wars, Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica, says it took him 25 years to 'play a half-decent Purple Haze,' and explains the appeal of a personal submarine this way: 'It turns out if you go 1,000 feet down in the ocean, it's really dark, and the animals are really strange, but if you put on some Pink Floyd, it's fantastic.' Allen added that 'no one has disagreed or contradicted any fact or any memory' in the memoir, which includes a story of overhearing Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer plotting to dilute Allen's Microsoft shares into insignificance at a time with Allen was dying of non-Hodgkins lymphoma.
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Paul Allen on the Dark Side of the Ocean and More

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