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Submission + - AT&T Admits Network Can't handle iPhone, iPad ( 7

RedEaredSlider writes: AT&T has admitted that the rise of tablet and smartphones like the iPad and iPhone has taken a major toll on its network.

In its public filing to the Federal Communications Commission yesterday, the company admits that its network has been under increasing strain as more and more high-bandwidth devices have been connected. This not only includes smartphones like the iPhone, but tablets like the iPad as well. AT&T says that in many cases tablets put a greater stress on their network than smartphones do.

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AT&T Admits Network Can't handle iPhone, iPad

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  • Can it be that AT&T did not calculate the probable impact on their network? I find this hard to believe, since the phone company has been a pioneer in so many areas of predictive math, such as queueing theory. If AT&T did do their homework, could it be that they saw this as a way to demand more bandwidth, and increase the size of their empire? Surely not! It's possible to run a lot of fiber optic cable to carry signals. More spectrum can't be created. What we have needs to be treated a little more
    • I'd go with that they really didn't care. AT&T has been more aligned with the family plans, while Verizon is more for the singles. The older subscriber base isn't as tech savy, and likely to not know there is a problem. A bandwidth shortage would also serve as support for justifing the purchase of T-Mobile as well as preventing Net Neutrality legislation. Not to mention, that by neglecting 3g infrastructure they have additional cash for 4g and the stock looks better.
    • Wireless is a long-run business. You lock people into two year deals, people who are likely to be four or six year customers.

      Get them into a contract with a cool phone, worry about having the ability to provide what you're selling later.

    • by sjames ( 1099 )

      It seems more like the typical business plan of the corporate giants: 1. Sell whatever if profitable but make sure to lock the customer in. Be sure to promise the moon so nobody can sneak in with a comparable but sincere offer. 2. Provide just barely enough service to keep customers from winning in court en-masse. (small players need not apply, you have to have a multi-million dollar legal team) 3. Pocket the rest and cry to congress about how your profits are so slim these days. 4. Repeat ad-nausium. optio

  • With how much they charge for there phone and data services, why can't they spend some cash to upgrade there network? It would improve the QoS for everybody and possible get more costumers in.

    • by sjames ( 1099 )

      That might require dipping into the executive bonus fund! That's just not possible!

      • by CTU ( 1844100 )

        True, how else are they going to pay for there solid gold Hummers and diamond studded swimming pools

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