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Submission + - TRS-80 Color Computer Digital Video Player (

An anonymous reader writes: This is a demonstration of version 2 of my digital video player for the Tandy Color Computer 3. Version 1 just never performed as well as I liked, so I revised it in preparation for this year's CoCoFEST! on May 21-22 2011 in Elgin, IL. See for event details — I'll be there with a live demonstration for those interested in seeing it in person. I hope you will be as pleased with the revised performance as I am!

The video playback shown is 128x192 in 16-colors. The video is updated 60 times per second, although obviously not every update covers an entire frame. The audio playback is at 11040HZ. Audio samples are 8-bits each, although the stock CoCo3 audio DAC is only 6-bits. Each minute of video requires roughly 2-2.5MB of storage.

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TRS-80 Color Computer Digital Video Player

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