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dakkon1024 writes: So the wife has trusted me with keeping those photos forever. And now well if one of those photos vanishes, I might be able to survive to post again, but if say the “Peru” or “Colorado” folder vanishes, well it’s been a pleasure being a part of the community. The trouble I’m finding is in designing a backup scheme that recovers from accidental deletion well. I currently do a mirrored backup to the server (Robocopy), then apply a 52 week shadow copy , an offsite backup (Cabonite) & top it off w/ a yearly archive of that data to a USB drive. There are still A LOT of scenarios were accidently deleting a folder and not noticing causes you to lose data, forever. I’m sure others have walked this road, and valued their lives, so I asked what solutions have been implemented.
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Keeping those photos Forever

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  • Just upload all your stuff, using photo bucket, or googles piasca, that stuff should be there for years, and all the backing up your doing won't be as necessary.
    • There just not gonna keep a terabyte of my video / photos. Besides I don't trust them :) I actually had the thought that I should make the drive read only but it makes editing impractical.
  • Use rsync to backup and don't use the --delete option. That's worked well for me.

    You can also always add a script or something that monitors what you have and warns you if files or folders vanish.

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