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jfruhlinger writes: "I'm a Mac guy. When our 2004-era Windows XP laptop, which was used primarily by my wife, died last summer, I got myself a new MacBook Pro and she inherited my still servicable 2008 MacBook. But after about six months, she hasn't gotten used to it, and wants a Windows machine. I don't have an ideological problem with this — it'd be her computer, and we've got a bit of money stashed away to pay for it. But trying to pick one out is my job, and I find the the whole process bewildering. Apple's product differentiation is great at defeating the paradox of choice — you have a few base models, the difference between which is quite obvious, and you can customize each. The Windows world seems totally different. Even once I've settled on a vendor for a Windows laptop (something I haven't done yet), each seems to have a bewildering array of product lines with similar specs. Often models that you find in electronics or office supply stores that seem promising in terms of form factor are exclusive to those stores and can't be found online. Obviously people do navigate this process, but I'm just feeling out of my depth. How would Slashdotters go about picking a solid, basic laptop for Web surfing and document editing that won't be obsolete in two years?"
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Ask Slashdot: How do you choose a Windows laptop?

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  • Seriously,

    Just go with like asus or dell. Asus is the highest ranking in customer satisfaction right now, followed by dell. Once you have your brand down, pick a screen size. Everything else should be pretty easy to decide. If games are out of the picture you will have an even easier time. Any of the cheaper laptops with core i5s and i3s will likely suit you well. The AMD laptops are cheap, but battery life is usually pretty terrible and the don't perform as well clock for clock compared to an i5. I have an

  • If you want longevity, buy a mid range business model (or better). "Home" laptops have a general tendency towards planned obsolescence. Businesses are less tolerant of that, but rarely need top notch performance (high fps gaming, etc).

    Also, check warranties. Even if you don't buy the extended warranty, it tells you how confidant the seller is. There is a big difference between a laptop that offers a 2 year warranty, and one that offers 4 or 5.

  • Why don't you just install Windows XP on your Macbook? I'm sure there are drivers for almost everything! Besides, buying a new windows laptop will get her Windows 7 and she will still have to learn something new.
    • by ZosX ( 517789 )

      Or even windows 7. Isn't a 2008 macbook a core2 duo? Hell, it might even be faster than my notebook.

  • As a Linux guy, the first i would look for is flexibility, that the hardware is open/compatible enough to install on it Linux (be "normal" distributions like Ubuntu/Fedora/Suse or not so normal like Android, Meego or even WebOS if HP opens it enough), even better if is supported or acknowledged by the vendor that it could have that use if i choose now or later to install it. Memory, gfx card, cpu speed and battery life would be the next points of attention. And last, touchscreen and be able to do something
  • I'm a regular listener to Windows Weekly, with Paul Thurott and Leo Laporte. He mentioned Microsoft Signature at the Microsoft store. Here [] is a link to the article. It is apparently a very Apple store like experience, and they clean the computers of all the crud that is on the laptops originally. They sell several different brands. Hope this helps.
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