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rudy_wayne writes: There is an interesting (and probably controversial) piece on on Why Internet Explorer will survive and Firefox won't

"It’s tempting to look at Microsoft’s history with Internet Explorer and assume that they are just incapable of working at the speed of the Internet. But take a closer look at the development process for IE 9 and there’s a different story to tell. Microsoft is playing the same game as Google. Mozilla is stuck in 2005. And that’s why the core of Internet Explorer will still be around in five years when Firefox will have, at best, a loyal cult following."

"At last year’s MIX conference, Microsoft talked about its new app platform: write code once, target for multiple platforms. That’s the same space that Google is playing in. Google has an entire family of apps that are designed to work exclusively in a browser."

"So where does that leave Firefox? It doesn’t have an app ecosystem or a loyal core of developers. Extensions? Those were worth bragging about in 2005, but in 2012 the story is apps. Businesses and consumers will want to use the same browser that powers their installed apps. In the PC space, that means Google or Microsoft. It doesn’t leave room for a third player."

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Internet Explorer will survive and Firefox won't

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  • A web browser is not an iPhone. The whole point is that "web apps" are supposed to work in any browser. AFAIK, there aren't any major features that Chrome supports that Firefox doesn't (although there are a few for which the opposite is true), and the only "feature" that IE supports and Firefox/Chrome don't is ActiveX, which isn't cross-platform and is effectively the same as writing a native app. I really don't see why using Gmail means you have to use Chrome.

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