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satuon writes: Why would anyone spam slashdot?! What's the point? I have no idea, but something like 80%-90% of the submissions are spam. I don't know if this happens just now or all the time, I don't go in that much. I'm just posting this cause I got frustrated. If you're frustrated as well mod this up, I want there to be a discussion of this!
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Slashdot is being spammed?!

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  • Well said that man. Surely with all the techie, geeky type around here, someone can work out a way to filter these. Maybe start by not accepting submissions from "anonymous coward". Possibly go beyond that and only allow submissions once someone has 'proved' themselves to be human, by residing here for a few months, or by having posted a certain number of posts which got modded up?

    • by satuon ( 1822492 )

      Some of those spammers were registered users. Didn't ./ require captcha when registering or submitting as Anonymous Coward? Someone must be putting an effort to spam here. Either he enters captchas himself like crazy, or he must be paying those Indian captcha typing firms, and using a bot.

  • Since inception /. has been spammed.

    The difference is, last time there were more capable editors.

  • There always has been spam in the 'firehose'. The old rating system probably hid them better based on your 'color criteria' selection. Is it getting worse? I suppose it is, but that's because the number of decent submissions has gone to down considerably, as has the quality of posts on /.

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