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Submission + - Is there a silver bullet for reactor meltdowns? 1

Aku Head writes: In the context of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, what if you could cover the overheating nuclear fuel with liquid aluminum? Aluminum is a good conductor of heat so that you could spray the aluminum with sea water to avoid melting. Would this solve the problems of decay heat and hydrogen generation? What if you alloyed the aluminum with neutron poisons such as hafnium or cadmium? Any other suggestions of something that you could cover the nuclear plant with to mitigate the problem?
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Is there a silver bullet for reactor meltdowns?

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  • Nuclear reactor safety issues are much like airline safety issues.
    People fly in aircraft everyday, and they are very safe. But they weren't that safe 50-60 years ago. Same goes for Nuclear reactors.
    And when one aircraft crashes and kill hundreds of people, the general population forgets that thousands of people die daily worldwide due to car crashes.
    Same goes for Nuclear reactors versus Coal power plants. Coal power plants kill people due to lung cancer all the time. Even if the nuclear side of this kill 10

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