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Submission + - Cell Phone Service in Baltic?

__aagmrb7289 writes: I am taking a cruise in the Baltic this summer, and I need to have some ability to communicate with my business partner in the U.S. while not on-board the ship. I will be stopping in Copenhagen (Denmark), Berlin (Germany), Stockholm (Sweden), St. Petersburg (Russia), Tallinn (Estonia), Aarhus (Denmark), and Oslo (Norway).

I would like to use my current cell phone that I have with AT & T — it's a HTC Aria, and I really like the configuration on it with the Android operating system.

I would like to be able to make local calls, if necessary, without roaming as best as possible, and am willing to pay international rates to call the U.S. from these locations. I'd also like a data plan that's good, along with the ability to "tether" the phone to a laptop in case I need to get my laptop on the internet.

Can anyone give me some good leads?

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Cell Phone Service in Baltic?

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