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archmcd writes: Is Apple a progressive new-technology company, or are they entrenched in the same discrimination practices that plague many Fortune 500 companies of old? An otherwise successful Apple Genius relates the story of her termination, appeal and subsequent affirmation of her failure to be a member of the correct gender. From the article:

In the end, I was fired from a supposedly liberal, pro-employee, open-minded corporation because an all-male team couldn'(TM)t deal with an intelligent, outspoken woman working with them. I was fired by a supervisor who was going out of his way to find reason to fire me, and who was investigated by HR for that very behavior. I was fired for being unwilling and unable to continue to tolerate hostile, antagonistic behavior from my coworkers.

Have other Slashdot readers experienced similar problems from progressive new-technology corporations?

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Apple Upholds Sexist Termination

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  • Read the words you used to describe the situation. You compare yourself with a coworker who was "funny, sarcastic and loud." A snarky kind of friendly. A good thing to be in retail. But the words you chose for yourself were "Intelligent and outspoken." Those aren't words one chooses to describe someone who is easy to get along with. In fact, it's often a polite way of saying a know-it-all jerk, someone who's never ever wrong, never at fault. Possibly incapable of seeing a "right" way to do things other than

  • This is pretty typical of my experience and that of most women I know in tech. The only surprising part is that I read about it on Slashdot, which is normally dominated by sexist men patting themselves on the back.


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