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Submission + - EA sneaks Securom into Dragon Age II ( 8

RenHoek writes: Ars Technica reports that with the release of Dragon Age II, various users encountered the dreaded Securom DRM, even though Bioware ensured users that it wouldn't be included. Seeing that a fair few users only bought DAII thinking they could avoid the problems and other discomforts this DRM brings, it will be interesting to see what EA's next step will be.
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EA sneaks Securom into Dragon Age II

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  • with enough user pressure and hopefully decreased sales from those who have not yet bought it will lead them to release a patch to remove protection much the same way some devs did in past such as X2 where patches were released to remove starforce from the game due to complaints etc. DRM I don't mind so much as long as it is invisible but f it causes problems then I think it is counter productive since it is always cracked so ends up being only users with headache of drm issues are legit ones and conversely
  • I haven't trusted them for -years-. Fortunately, I haven't seen any games I want from them in years, so...

  • by westlake ( 615356 ) on Friday March 11, 2011 @10:50PM (#35460342)

    We haven't heard from EA on the story about reports of SecuROM DRM in Dragon Age 2, but BioWare Live Team Technical Producer Derek "CrushBug" French made a couple of posts to our forums that discuss the matter. He says:

    "Sorry, but there is some confusion on this. We use Sony Release Control which shares some functionality with other Sony products (SecuROM), but we do not use SecuROM for the DRM. Once the Sony Release Control check is passed, Release Control self-destructs, removing the Release Control wrapper and it is never used again. Game updates will not use Release Control because obviously the release date is passed. Additionally, installing the game and then any future game patch will also remove the Sony Release Control check and it will never run on your computer."

    When asked about a running SecuROM process, he said: "There is no running process once it unwraps and self-destructs." In reply to a question about registry entries, he replies: "An inert registry entry that does nothing." Finally, when asked about files remaining on users' hard drives, he explains: "In a temp folder that is never referenced again. This part is sloppy and should be cleaned up, though. We will see about doing that in a patch."

    BioWare on Dragon Age 2 DRM []

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