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Submission + - Melbourne college may give iPad to every student ( 1

daria42 writes: "It looks like Apple's hyped iPad tablet may find a functional use beyond the early technology adopter set. In Australia, a Melbourne University college recently completed a trial where a limited number of students were given an iPad to aid in their studies. The outcome? The college has now recommended every student be given one of the Apple devices, following in the footsteps of the University of Adelaide, which is handing out iPads to every first year science student. Sure beats lugging around the old textbooks!"
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Melbourne college may give iPad to every student

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  • Textbooks have their place. Tablets have their place.

    I believe that providing a tablet per student is only worthwhile if the textbooks, and other activities relating to the student's course, are available for use by the device.

    What use is it otherwise? To read web pages in class?

    What a pity that the device chosen can'tbe used [] to download files [].

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